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Precidio has been a trusted name in housewares for more than 30 years and was honored by the city of Brampton by naming a street after us.  Our new head office is now located just west of Toronto, in Oakville, Ontario.  Precidio is known for creating progressive designs, unique functionality and aesthetic form.  In 2011, we moved to focus on less mass produced markets to specialize in creating products which improve our everyday lifestyles.


Drink in the Box is our patented, award winning reusable drink box, conceived to provide parents a tool to reduce the sugar their children are drinking when they use some of the 170 Billion disposable juice boxes sold each year.  It is now available in more than 1000 retail stores in North America, and through distributors in more than 20 countries and growing.


Snack in the Box is the perfect companion product ( also patent pending ), as it enables packing twin healthy and fun snacks for people on the go, while keeping them safe from being crushed or mushed.


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Littlebarefeet are the exclusive distributor of Precidio in Hong Kong  & Macau

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