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Comfi - Compare with

bamboo mat

  • Bamboo mats appear to be cool, but they are in fact endothermic and will be particularly hot under the sun.  That’s why it is not suitable for using outdoors.
  • Bamboo mats do not disperse heat and cannot expels sweat and moisture away; your baby will feel even hotter with more dampness after a while.
  • Carseat liners and mattresses are usually used for hours continuously, sweat may soak to the bottom; bamboo mats can only be cleaned by wiping the surface with a wet cloth, it will gradually get shabby and colour will fade.


The 3D woven technology of COMFI can provide overall support to your baby, and the breathable layer in between forms ventilation space which enables air to ventilate heat and sweat.  It can be washed in water and dried under the sun, that keeps the product hygiene and durable.