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Company Profile

Trustworthiness from Littlebarefeet

The story of Littlebarefeet began with a pair of baby shoes. Over a decade ago, Lily Chan, the founder of Littlebarefeet, gave birth to her first son. A friend sent her a pair of infant baby shoes from abroad. The shoes were so soft that her baby could walk enjoyable like “walking by his bare feet” and also have sufficient protection to his little feet. Lily had determined to introduce “Jack & Lily” shoes from Canada to Hong Kong and has shared their benefits to mothers here. She then successfully gained the distributorship of “Jack & Lily” and has founded “Littlebarefeet” in Hong Kong.


Littlebarefeet has been deliberately bringing in the best quality of parenting and baby products. Gradually, we have obtained the trust of parents toward our high quality products. Over years, we have distributed dozens of International quality brands, including baby shoes, hip seat carriers, daily necessities, skincare products, pillows and bedding sets and so on. As of now, Littlebarefeet can deliver products for the well-being and different needs of our customers.


Being a children-oriented company and grow continuously


We truly understand the needs of parents as we are parents too! The founder and most of Littlebarefeet employees have their own children. Some of them even have their grandchildren too! When we selected a new brand, we would not make the purchase decision from a merchant’s perspective. We have evaluated it seriously from a parent’s perspective, just like a parent selects the best product for his own kids. Sometimes, we even let our children trying the new products before formally launching them into the market. We know the needs of parents as we always put ourselves into their shoes. Otherwise, we cannot offer those top-notch, renowned, professional and award-winning brands to our customers. They all have the great virtues of high quality, safe, practical, stylish and worth for money.


The spirit of Littlebarefeet is “children-oriented”. Just imagine if we were children, they would like to have something matching their needs. We highly value their feeling and needs. We strongly believe that both parents and children are key stakeholders of our products. Definitely, Littlebarefeet could not grow continuously without their kind support.


By following our corporate mission of contributing ourselves to the community, Littlebarefeet have expanded rapidly over the last decade. Not only acquiring more and more well-known brands globally, our distribution channels have been expanding extensively throughout Hong Kong, Macau and China. We have not only promoted our brands, but also have participated into the promotional event of other big companies which share the same value with us.

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