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Cornflower - Taiwan


The invention of plastic changed the world; mankind produced a large number of products while implying variations and modifications at the same time aiming for a cheaper, nicer and better quality goods. 


The durability and lasting quality of plastic products fascinates us and thus leaving it an inseparable status in our daily lives.  However the coin has two faces, while we continue to rely and amazed by the  wonderful qualities of plastic goods the effects of the production of such  supplies will forever be affecting the environment.  In order to produce a  “perfect” product, manufacturers added in a lot of chemical which without out  knowing invades our body and continually affecting our lives.   


We are not a conservationist and do not have the power to change the world but wanting to do something for the next generation.  Other than easier and more convenient living, we also hope to provide an environment safe enough for them to grow up and so when we no longer want such products (plastic) they may disappear along time with PLA as one of them. 


The name of the brand itself “Cornflower” can be seen as “Corn” where the main materials are from corn and other cereal crops, produced after extracting lactic  acid it is able to be completely decomposed.  “Flower” refers to the endless cycle of nature, enabling our children to grow up happily with flowering  environment.  We focus our hope on the PLA product, through promoting to the public regarding its characteristics and accepting it.  This is also the design  team’s target to hope to help with the environment.


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Littlebarefeet are the exclusive distributor of Cornflower in Hong Kong & Macau

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